Classic Homeopathy

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Classic Homeopathy




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What can be treated?


Homeopathy treats the whole patient and takes it's starting point from the individual symptoms instead of diagnoses. There are therefore not many limitations to homeopathy's possibilities.


What does “acute” mean?


Acute means that symptoms arise suddenly and pass proportionally quickly. This also includes injuries.


Is the medicine tested on animals?


No, the medicine is solely tested on healthy individuals in so-called “proofings”. In  homeopathy, there is no animal mistreatment or testing on animals!


Can homeopathy be used on children?


Yes. Homeopathic treatment is well suited to children, because there are no side effects and the symptoms are genuine.


Can pregnant women be treated homeopathically?


It is generally safe and problem free to take homeopathic medicine during pregnancy..


I take normally prescribed medicine - can I still be treated homeopathically?


Normally yes. For the Homeopath, it is necessary to know what medication the patient is taking in order to understand which symptoms are attributable to the medicine and which are the patients own symptoms.


Normally, it is possible with successful homeopathic treatment to gradually reduce the medicine with the Doctor's agreement.


Is homeopathy addictive?


No, there is absolutely no danger of addiction!


Are there contra-indications for the medicine used?


Patients with lactose allergy must inform the Homeopath, as most of the pills are lactose based.


Can I have my dog treated homeopathically?


Homeopathic medicine works on both people and animals. More and more vets are using homeopathic treatments.