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Who am I

Andreas Schuster, Copenhagen





I was born in 1969, and come originally from Austria. I am the father of 2 children and have lived in 
Denmark since 1994.
I first encountered Homeopathy as a patient, which 
led me into an education, after completing 1 year of anatomy, 
physiology and pathology.

2003-2007 School for classic homoeopathy, denmark

Further education:
2011 Internet seminar with Andre Saine
2010 Advanced home study video course by Andre Saine (Canada)
2008-2009 International school for classical homeopathy, Belgium 
Furthermore I attended several international seminars:
2004 Jeremy Sherr (England)
2005 Dr. M. Patel and Dr. A. Kapse (India)
2005 Dr. Dinesh Chauhan (India)
2006 Erroll Bowyer (England)
2006 Dr. Luc de Schepper (USA)

2007 homeopathic congress (Germany) with among others:


Jan Scholten(Holland)

Rajan Sankaran (Indien)

Massimo Mangialavori (Italien)