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Homeopathic medicine is predominantly extracted from :-


Plants (e.g. flowers, trees and vegetables)

Minerals (e.g. salt, precious metals and chalk)

Animals (e.g. bee venom, squid ink and milk)


Homeopathic medicines are produced by pharmacies all over the world. Manufacturers who are often used in Denmark include Helios (England), Ainsworths (England) and Deutsche Homeopathie -Union (Germany)





In tests, a group of healthy individuals are given a dose of the relevant material. The dosage is taken until the test person notices an effect. These effects are symtoms which arise at a physical, emotional or mental level.


The test person keeps an accurate, daily journal recording any changes. At the same time, the subject is also observed by a supervisor who notes any observed changes which the test person may not have noticed themselves.


The tests are run as "double blind" tests. (Neither the subject, nor the supervisor know if the administered substance is medicine or a placebo, for example lactose)


Test are conducted optimally, over one year and preferably in two different parts of the world in order take cultural and climatic differences into account.