Classic Homeopathy

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Classic Homeopathy


What is the medicine




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What is the medicine made from?


Homeopathic medicine is predominantly extracted from :-




Minerals (e.g. salt, precious metals and chalk)



Animals (e.g. bee venom, squid ink and milk)




Plants (e.g. flowers, trees and vegetables)


Homeopathic medicines are produced by pharmacies all over the world. Manufacturers who are often used in Denmark include Helios (England), Ainsworths (England) and Deutsche Homeopathie -Union (Germany)




The raw materials are rinsed to remove any impurites that may cause harmful side-effects and the materials unique healing qualities are developed and strengthened. This is done in various stages and as such, different strengths (potencies) are produced which the homeopath utilises according to the patient's individual needs.


The Medicine


The medicine comes in three forms, although this has no bearing on effectiveness.


Globuli (small, round tablets)


Soft tablets - the carrier substance in these is lactose


Liquid - here the carrying substances are of a water/alcohol base.


The medicines are environmentally friendly and gentle with the mind and body. There is no danger of addiction and it is not tested on animals, but on people in so-called tests.



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